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Chaos Engineer - Remote Eligible

Design experiments to break the system and identify potential vulnerabilities.
6 months ago


Reliable background checks & fraud prevention tools for Latin America.

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Chaos Engineer

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What’s Chaos Engineering?

Chaos Engineering is the discipline of experimenting on a system in order to build confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions in production. Chaos engineering aims to identify a system's weaknesses goal of chaos engineering is to identify weaknesses in a system through controlled experiments that introduce random and unpredictable behavior . A main benefit of chaos engineering is that organizations can use it to identify vulnerabilities . We are introducing Chaos Engineering to help improve clients’ trust. The objective of this team is to identify potential issues before incidents happen. We break things on purpose.

The Role

The chaos engineer's responsibilities are: Design experiments to break our system. All tests must be automated using fault injection, fuzzy testing, run load tests/DDoS, adversarial attacks, etc.Work with teams, not against them.

Hard Skills

    • Understanding AWS
    • Terraform
    • Ability to read and write code
    • Intermediate / Advanced English level.

Soft Skills

    • Scientific thinking: Capacity to ask a lot of questions, what if, why…
    • Creative: Capacity to design failure scenarios
    • Attention to detail: Details matter a lot when trying to break systems.
    • Fast learning skills
    • Proactive and propositive
    • Strategic mindset
    • Adaptability skills
About us

Truora's mission is to help companies grow their business securely and efficiently. For almost 5 years, Truora has kept you and millions of Internet service users safe by conducting fast and reliable background checks in Latin America for clients in many industries, including the region's top markets, financial institutions, and human resources teams. Likewise, Truora has developed Digital Identity, to verify users' identities and decrease fraud across LATAM. In addition, Truora has a WhatsApp Engagement platform, and digital signature solutions (ZapSign) to offer a complete service to its clients.  Backed by Y-Combinator and top-tier VCs in Silicon Valley and Latin America, we currently operate in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.  We are just getting started and looking for the region's best entrepreneurs to join us.

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Chaos Engineer - Remote Eligible
About Truora
Reliable background checks & fraud prevention tools for Latin America.