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Database Engineer/Database Administrator - Remote Eligible

Enhance data schema efficiency by proposing and implementing improvements for performance and scalability.
1 month ago

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- The Database Engineer role at FinQuery involves administering, monitoring, and optimizing AWS PostgreSQL databases to ensure scalability, reliability, and performance. - Responsibilities include engaging with development teams and other departments to create an integrated work environment, triaging and optimizing query performance, and participating in release and deployment processes. - The role also entails conducting maintenance on RDS systems, assessing current data schema, and proposing improvements for efficiency and performance. - The Database Engineer will work with a variety of technologies including AWS RDS/Aurora, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, DataDog, Git, SQL, Python, and more. - The position offers the opportunity to contribute to process improvements, enhance database performance, and support the company's growing data infrastructure.
- Experience working in a data/database engineer role for at least 2 years, with a total of 4 years of experience in databases and data architectures. - Strong background in designing, building, deploying, and scaling databases, showcasing a solid understanding of data architecture. - Ability to work effectively in a team environment, providing constructive feedback on data architecture changes and optimizing database performance. - Proficiency in SQL, Python, and Shell Scripting, with experience in AWS RDS/Aurora, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server. - Proven track record of assessing and implementing internal process improvements, such as infrastructure redesign for scalability and automation of manual processes.
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Database Engineer/Database Administrator - Remote Eligible
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