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Founding AI Agent Engineer

Craft innovative solutions for AI-driven codebase maintenance challenges.
San Francisco, California, United States
$170k - $200k USD per year
2 months ago

✨ About The Role

👓 Vision:

Our vision is to lead the AI revolution for software engineering teams, automating all engineering grunt work tasks with AI. This mirrors the transformative impact of the industrial revolution, where manual labor was automated. By shifting routine tasks to AI, we aim to empower human engineers to focus on what they do best, creating new innovative software, faster than ever before.

🚀 Mission

Our mission is to build a secure cloud-based platform that enables every engineering team on Earth to automate grunt work projects and tasks.

🛠️ Role & Responsibilities:

Spearhead the development, design, and deployment of our state-of-the-art AI agents. Collaborate closely with our passionate founding team to craft the future roadmap. Provide technical mentorship, promoting best practices and setting coding standards. Ensure seamless integration of our agents into our enterprise customer VPCs. Dive deep into the challenges of AI-driven codebase maintenance, creating solutions that are both innovative and practical.

🌟 Requirements:

Proficient in Python, React, and Next. Experienced with AI agent frameworks and AI models. Proven experience in AI agent development. Strong problem-solving skills and the guts to take on mind-bending challenges. A team player mindset, ready to collaborate and elevate our small but mighty team. Reside in the Bay Area and can commit to in-office collaboration 2 days a week.

⚫⚫ Values

Team > Individual

We grow and innovate without the constraints of personal pride. This humility paves the way for collaborative problem-solving and ensures decisions are made for the greater good of the company's mission, not individual status.

Action > Words

Prioritizing actions over words empowers team members to demonstrate their commitment through results, rather than intentions or promises, fostering a culture of accountability and execution. This value is critical for our success, as it shifts the focus from what could be done to what has been done.

Focus > Distractions

We prioritize work ruthlessly so that we have the highest impact on the company's goals, ensuring that efforts are focused and strategic. This focus on impactful work eliminates distractions and builds a resilient team culture that thrives on delivering value to customers consistently.

⚫⚫ Culture

Here at Second, we have a hacker culture, where rapid experimentation and delivering real solutions to customer problems are our life blood. We are developers serving developers, operating at the forefront of the AI code gen revolution.

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Founding AI Agent Engineer
San Francisco, California, United States
$170k - $200k USD per year
About Second
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