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Software Engineer, Design & Fabrication

Migrate design software to a new database schema for quantum processor hardware improvement.
Berkeley, California, United StatesFremont, California, United States
$106,000 - 140,000 USD / year
1 month ago

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- Responsible for migrating design software to work with new database schema and assisting with migrating user workflows - Maintaining backlog and providing feature development for one of the company's most important internal applications - Providing code review for contributions from domain experts in design and fabrication - Collaborating closely with members of the quantum circuit design and fabrication teams - Supporting and accelerating the continual improvement of the company's quantum processor hardware
- Experience working on production software with a focus on version control, testing, and code review is essential - Proficiency in Python and experience with relational databases and REST APIs is required - Previous experience in fabrication or working with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is a plus - Strong collaboration skills and the ability to work closely with quantum circuit design and fabrication teams - A proactive mindset with the ability to maintain backlog, provide feature development, and assist in migrating user workflows
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Software Engineer, Design & Fabrication
$106,000 - 140,000 USD / year
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