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Senior Software Engineer - Developer Experience - Remote Eligible

Integrate novel technologies like Generative AI to solve problems for developers.
1 month ago

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- Responsible for designing, developing, and supporting tools and processes to enhance developer workflows - Leading the vision for developer experience in multiple programming languages - Building and driving a strategy for service frameworks, development environments, version control, CI, and deployment tooling - Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure cohesive frameworks and developer tooling - Investigating and integrating novel technologies to solve problems for developers
- Experienced engineer with a track record of leading large-scale projects and collaborating with cross-functional teams - Proficient in Go, GraphQL, REST, HTTP, gRPC, and Kubernetes with a focus on user experience, scalability, and quality - Strong technical and non-technical abilities with a history of mentorship and technical leadership - Excellent communication skills, high empathy, and the ability to influence decisions across the engineering organization - 5+ years of experience identifying and driving high-impact projects aligned with company strategy
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Senior Software Engineer - Developer Experience - Remote Eligible
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