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Senior Engineer (Frontend) - Remote Eligible

Lead projects to implement high-impact features that solve customer problems and improve the Rainforest QA platform.
Global Remote
6 months ago


no-code end-to-end testing that integrates with any CI/CD pipeline

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✨ About The Role

Senior Engineer (Frontend)

Global Remote
Dev Team /
/ Remote
About Rainforest
Rainforest QA is a distributed company full of smart, capable people from around the world who enjoy working together to make our customers successful.

Our mission is to make product quality accessible for every software company. The Rainforest QA solution combines no-code test automation and crowdsourced testing in a single, one-of-a-kind QA platform, allowing anyone to get the exact insights they need to release with quality, quickly.

About the Team
As a Senior Engineer at Rainforest QA you'll be part of an experienced and diverse team with members all over the world.

We were built as a distributed team from the beginning and we've committed to implementing tools and processes that allow for and support continuous and effective communication across the world.

Check out our full interview process in this blog post .

About the Role

    • Work on the Rainforest QA dashboard, our single page application where users manage their test suite, configure test runs, review results and set up their account
    • Work on our tester application, where our crowd of testers connect to our virtual machine infrastructure to conduct tests and submit their results
    • Work on internal tooling to improve the development experience of other engineers and ship faster and safer
    • Collaborate with product managers and our customer facing teams to analyze customer problems and design high impact features
    • Lead projects to implement those features
    • Help other team members to achieve their goals
    • Continuously learn about new technologies and ways to solve problems
    • Work with our customer facing teams to triage, troubleshoot, and fix bugs
    • Write unit and integration tests (using our own product!) to ship high quality software

About You

    • Extensive experience in Javascript and be extremely knowledgeable of the language and associated ecosystem
    • Extensive experience in React (or equivalent framework / libraries) and be extremely knowledgeable of the framework and associated ecosystem
    • Experience in writing and maintaining CSS for large projects
    • Enthusiasm with building web applications using modern tools like ES7, React, Redux, CSS in JS, Flow, and Webpack - amongst others
    • Practical experience of working on a Ruby on Rails codebase
    • Even though this position is mainly frontend focused, we expect you to have some grasp of the whole stack to be able to effectively communicate with engineers across the team, and can make backend or infrastructure changes when the situation calls for it
    • Professional experience in engineering SaaS products
    • Experience leading projects with teams
    • An ownership mindset: you should look not only at what you’re asked to do, but ask why you’re doing it and how it impacts on the rest of the product, our customers, and whether it makes sense. We expect you to be responsible for your work and to resolve any bugs you might ship
    • Excitement to learn
    • Excellent communication skills and able to give and receive constructive feedback
    • Happy to review code and have your code reviewed
    • Can work effectively remotely with remote team members (we are a fully distributed company)
    • Comfortable working in a large codebase with many stakeholders

How we’ll reward you

    • Salary and equity in the company
    • 100% company-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage for employees, 75% for dependents (U.S., only).
    • Unlimited paid time-off (PTO).
    • A weekly allowance for lunches and a monthly allowance for remote office supplies or personal development.
    • Semi-annual company off-sites in exciting destinations around the world.
    • 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and 8 weeks of paid leave for supporting parents.
    • 401k (U.S., only).


    • We are currently unable to hire from the following regions: China, France, Iran, Egypt, Russia
A Note on Diversity and Inclusion
At Rainforest we believe that diverse teams improve our business. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Due to employment laws, we are unable to hire individuals internationally located in these following countries at this time: China, France, Iran, Egypt, Russia.


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Senior Engineer (Frontend) - Remote Eligible
Global Remote
About Rainforest
no-code end-to-end testing that integrates with any CI/CD pipeline