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HW/SW Co-design Engineer

Evangelize hardware constraints with vendors to develop future efficient hardware architectures.
San Francisco Bay Area
4 months ago

✨ About The Role

- The role involves co-designing future hardware from different vendors for programmability and performance - Collaborating with hardware vendors to develop optimal kernels and add support for them in the compiler - Developing performance estimates for critical kernels for different hardware configurations - Working closely with ML engineers, kernel engineers, and compiler developers to understand their vision and needs for high-performance accelerators - Managing communication and coordination with internal and external engagements

⚡ Requirements

- Ideal candidate has a deep understanding of GPU and/or other AI accelerators - Experience with CUDA or a related accelerator programming language is required - Ability to collaborate effectively with ML engineers, kernel writers, and compiler developers - Strong coding skills in C/C++ and Python are essential - Previous experience working with hardware developers is a plus
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HW/SW Co-design Engineer
San Francisco Bay Area
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