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Senior Software Engineer - Backend

Lead the technical development of a crucial new product line in the contact center space.
San Francisco Bay Area
4 weeks ago

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- Spearhead the technical development of a crucial new product line in the contact center space - Lead the team's technical efforts, acting as a tech lead responsible for project deliverables and guiding the development of scalable solutions - Take full ownership of critical technical components such as databases, queues, caches, and APIs - Develop sophisticated backend systems that support RBAC, user authentication, and real-time event and stream processing - Balance key technical pillars—scalability, reliability, security, and cost, advocating for and managing technical debt with a focus on long-term system health
- At least 6 years of experience in building and leading the development of production-grade software products, thriving in fast-paced environments - Expert knowledge in at least one standard OLTP or OLAP database, with a deep understanding of their internals and design implications - Advanced proficiency in real-time events and streams processing, capable of architecting and implementing complex data handling systems - Strong skills in Java and Spring or similar frameworks, with proficiency in Python and hands-on experience with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes being advantageous - Comprehensive understanding of system components including queues, caches, OLAP stores, and websockets, adept at employing design patterns to solve sophisticated engineering challenges
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Senior Software Engineer - Backend
San Francisco Bay Area
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