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Senior Machine Learning Engineer - NLP

Craft tailored ML solutions to address specific challenges faced by partners.
1 month ago

✨ About The Role

- Engage in the full lifecycle of machine learning model development, from initial concept and data collection to training, evaluation, and deployment in production environments - Work closely with partners and product managers to understand specific problems and develop tailored ML solutions - Stay abreast of the latest advancements in ML, DL, and NLP and introduce new technologies and methodologies - Design critical systems for customers' operations, ensuring reliability and low-latency performance - Contribute to the broader ML community through technical blogs and publications, enhancing both personal and company presence in the field

⚡ Requirements

- Master’s or Ph.D degree in Computer Science or a related discipline with a strong foundation in ML, DL, and NLP - At least 4 years of industry experience in building and scaling large-scale NLP systems - Deep understanding of ML and NLP fundamentals, with practical experience in deploying machine learning models in production - Proficiency in Python and ML frameworks like Pytorch, TensorFlow, TensorRT, and Sagemaker/VertexAI - Solid grasp of recent trends in NLP, including transformers, language models, text classification, generative approaches, entity recognition, prompting techniques, question answering, information retrieval, and more
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Senior Machine Learning Engineer - NLP
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