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Data Engineer Jr - Remote Eligible

Implement sustainable intelligence solutions for production, monitoring, and data science stabilization.
1 month ago

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- The Data Engineer Jr role at Nowports in Colombia involves developing data transport processes, connecting to external services, and creating sustainable intelligence solutions - Responsibilities include supporting the implementation of sustainable architectures in AWS, researching and implementing AI solutions, and working with Docker for flexibility - The role also entails developing information flows compatible with Spark technology, running automated tests, and contributing to the monitoring and stabilization of data science - The position offers the opportunity to work remotely with flexible hours, health insurance, and additional benefits like educational support and international career growth opportunities
- Experience with implementing code in Python and JavaScript, designing and implementing APIs, and connecting with SQL and NoSQL databases - Knowledge of version control using Git and familiarity with Docker for flexible work - Ability to develop data processes, create sustainable intelligence solutions, and work on AI implementations - Strong interest in working with Spark technology, developing automated tests, and collaborating in a global, multicultural team
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Data Engineer Jr - Remote Eligible
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