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Frontend Product Engineer

Craft elegant solutions to solve underlying customer needs and create delightful user experiences.
London, England, GB San Francisco, California, US
$80K - $150K USD per year
2 months ago

✨ About The Role

A Frontend Product Engineer is customer-obsessed, full stack software engineer who can delivery a full product experience with a focus on the frontend.

We’re a small, smart and hard working team, working in a very fast moving space at the frontier of AI. It's crucial that you can quickly work throughout the stack to deliver product end-to-end while caring deeply about solving underlying customer needs. Meaningful impact is guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter what languages and tools you know when you join us, but it does matter that you can write clean, effective code and craft elegant solutions. We aim for a clean, simple modern stack, which is currently:

  • Python backend (FastAPI, Postgres)
  • TypeScript frontend (Next.js, React, Tailwindcss)
  • AWS for most of our infrastructure

About you

  • You care deeply about customer needs and solving them with product.
  • You're excited by our mission and the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • You are able to, or want to be able to, work at every level of the stack.
  • You’re excited by being one of the first employees in an early-stage company where you can have autonomy and impact.
  • You want to grow. The success of our company is a function of the people in our team. Your growth rate will be directly causal to Humanloop's growth rate. We spend a lot of time thinking about each other’s success paths.
  • You get excited about learning new things, writing blog posts and going to conferences to talk about all things product and engineering.
  • You'll create components and design systems that scale
  • You'll have good taste for when we build something in house, and where existing tools are appropriate
  • You hold yourself and the rest of the team to a high bar and design experiences that are not just functional, but delightful to our users
  • You are a product leader who comes up with great initiatives and product ideas, and not just someone who takes a feature and make it "functional".
  • You communicate your thoughts and decisions clearly and proactively, and talk to users around the world constantly, knowing that their expectation may differ from your intuition.


We think that people with amazing ability can come from all sorts of backgrounds, not necessarily prestigious schools or companies. You primarily need to prove that you can write excellent, clean code and care deeply about building great product. You can demonstrate this through your own projects, OSS contributions or experience at other companies. When looking at your contributions, we value quality over quantity.

Offices in London and San Francisco

We find that in person time allows us to move faster, learn from each other and have more fun. Everyone is in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On other days you can choose to work from home or in the office. Our London office has most of product and engineering, and our new SF office is primarily focused on GTM.

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Frontend Product Engineer
London, England, GB San Francisco, California, US
$80K - $150K USD per year
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