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Principal Software Engineer - Remote Eligible

Lead the evolution of business-critical services to support 10x current volume with high performance.
2 months ago

✨ About The Role

- Drive the evolution of critical services to support 10x their current volume with industry-leading performance and uptime - Translate business strategy into technical strategy, architecture, and implementation - Review proposed technical changes and architecture ideas, collaborating with engineers to ensure they fit into the broader technical vision and business context - Develop documentation, guidelines, and best practices - Lead by example, demonstrating strong coding practices, software engineering principles, and adherence to industry standards, while mentoring and providing technical guidance to other team members

⚡ Requirements

- Extensive experience (10+ years) in software development and engineering, with a strong emphasis on high-throughput, scalable, and performant systems - Proven expertise in designing systems that can be delivered iteratively and effectively operated in production - Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with software engineers, product managers, business leaders, and cross-functional teams - Demonstrated leadership capabilities, including leading by example, mentoring team members, providing technical guidance, and driving projects to successful completion - Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field
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Principal Software Engineer - Remote Eligible
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