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Engineering Manager - EMEA - Remote Eligible

Empower engineers to merge 30% of PRs without human review through automation.
Remote, Europe
1 month ago

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- The role involves building a different type of engineering team and culture at Ashby, focusing on ownership, empowerment, and innovation - Responsibilities include managing a growing team of engineers in Europe, focusing on individual performance, process, and culture - The engineering manager will work on projects themselves, providing feedback on product and technical specs, growing engineers' skills, and improving systems and processes - The ideal candidate will be passionate about management and technical aspects, spotting patterns, and building automation to drive team efficiency - The job requires a high standard of technical proficiency, excitement for management challenges, and a commitment to excellence in team leadership
- Experienced engineering leader with a passion for both management and technical aspects - Ability to hold in-depth technical conversations with direct reports across different engineering domains - Excitement for driving teams to excel, providing constructive feedback, and implementing systems for improvement - Strong communicator with empathy and the ability to facilitate change at both individual and organizational levels - Courageous, principled, and driven to challenge the status quo and build a team of great leaders
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Engineering Manager - EMEA - Remote Eligible
Remote, Europe
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