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Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Remote Eligible

Build systems to help personalize users' experiences at all stages of their product journey.
1 month ago

✨ About The Role

- Responsible for designing, building, evaluating, deploying, and iterating on scalable Machine Learning systems - Mission to leverage data to understand and predict user behaviors, optimizing their experience on the platform - Develop and maintain scalable data pipelines to power algorithms - Implement automated monitoring, alerting, and self-healing features while productionizing data and ML workflows - Collaborate with a remote team to experiment, take educated risks, and achieve big wins

⚡ Requirements

- Experienced in building and productionizing Machine Learning models and algorithms for various products - Strong background in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or related fields - Skilled in deploying and managing machine learning models in the cloud - Proficient in working with Machine Learning software tools and libraries such as Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, etc. - Excellent communication skills and ability to work with stakeholders to define key business questions
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Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Remote Eligible
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