King Global Enterprise Solutions LLC

Position: Semi-Local Truck Driver

  • Department: Final Mile LDCN Fargo, ND 3BA
  • Investigation Type: Premier
  • Job Type: Semi-Local
  • Number of Drivers to Recruit: 1
  • License Type: Class A
  • Full Time / Part Time: Full Time
  • Trucking Experience Level (months): 3
  • Average Yearly Earnings: $95,000.00
  • Bonus: Not specified (Bonus Disclaimer: —)

Job Description: This full-time Semi-Local Truck Driver position is within the Final Mile department in Fargo, ND (3BA), and is categorized under the Premier investigation type. The role requires a Class A license and a minimum of 3 months of trucking experience. As a Semi-Local Truck Driver, your primary responsibility is efficient and safe transportation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Delivering various products to homes, apartments, businesses, and other facilities.
  • Handling multi-stop deliveries, including unboxing and installing appliances.
  • A mix of retail deliveries (no installation required) and builder site/home deliveries (installations are needed).
  • Using a ramp and dolly for offloading appliances (unless a dock is provided).
  • Based at 4235 Main Ave, Fargo, ND 58103, with pre-loaded trailers.
  • Comprehensive training provided for appliance installation.
  • Ensuring damage-free deliveries and safe transportation practices.
  • Loading and unloading appliances, including new and occasionally old or damaged appliances.
  • Handling a range of products, which may include furniture, exercise equipment, and other items as per customer requirements.

This position offers a competitive average yearly earning potential of $95,000. Specific bonus details are not provided in the listing, but as a full-time Semi-Local Truck Driver, you can expect challenging yet rewarding work in the transportation industry.

Minimum Requirements for CMV Position:

Driving Record (Last 3 Years):

  • A clean driving record is essential with no more than three moving violations and only one being a serious violation.
  • No preventable rollovers or major accidents exceeding $10,000 in damage.
  • One suspension for moving violations (maximum 30 days) or non-moving violations (maximum 12 months).
  • Only one DUI (with an exception for prior to 2002), one felony (subject to manager review), and no drug charges.
  • Acceptable moving violations include infractions like minor speeding and signaling errors, while serious violations encompass substantial offenses.

Additional Requirements:

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid class A CDL for tractor-trailer operation.
  • Maintain a valid driver's license for at least two of the last three years.
  • Meet experience criteria: three months in the last six months from a tractor-trailer school, six months in the last year, or one year in the last five years. Compliance is key to ensuring safety and meeting regulatory standards in this Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) position.