Veterans Gaming and Mental Health Mission

   We are an 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that fights on the front lines of mental health for the sake of our Veterans amidst a suicide crisis within Vets and current service members. The average amount of suicides, PER DAY, is 27.5 Veterans. (cited: That's 4:1 for every 1 soldier that died overseas in combat, 4 lost their battle at home. Each. Day.

  We proactively take measures to ensure that security and fallbacks are in place for those times when we feel weak or do fall, and promote the idea that its completely acceptable to rely on your fellow brother or sister sometimes. VGMH Mission can no longer count on two hands the amount of people that have come forward saying that due to some part of the organization, whether it be the stream, the Discord, or people within the org, those people chose not to end their lives on nights of contemplation.

  We are breaking down barriers and tearing down walls, like the stigmatization instilled with military members about seeking out help or even discussing mental health, as we're indoctrinated and ingrained in our training and experience to expect retribution for seeking help. VGMH is going to break the barrier that say "civilians and veterans are too different, they wont understand." Trauma is trauma is trauma. Period. Pain and suffering is pain and suffering, everyone's circumstance is unique, what's not is what pain feels like.

  We also are a resource hub for a multitude of other organizations that help with the many unique challenges that Vets and Servicemembers face. When we cant help, we know someone who can. Kairi Sariah had a vision and a dream: "I cant return life that has been taken, especially by my hands, but what I CAN do is prevent the loss of any more. Or try my best to. The whole mission is not to reduce 27.5 to 0. Its not to make a ton of money. Its not to grow a stream. The entire mission is to prevent the next one. And after that, the next one.

  VGMH is going to change the world, and it all started by one person asking someone, "Hey, you doing okay?"